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2 Animal Parade Greeting Cards

7.50 EUR

You will receive two postcards or folded greeting cards (your choice) with a Funny Animal Parade with a "Happy Birthday" banner, playing instruments.

Both options (postcards or greeting cards) include postcards.

Perfect for friend's birthdays or for kids birthday parties with a savana, jungle, or circus theme!


Includes recycled paper envelope, brown, with subtle stripes.
High-quality print on paper with a natural touch, archival and acid free so that it will not yellow with time.
Inside is blank.

Closed measures as A6 11.1x15.4cm (4.4 x 6 inches).

Ships in a sleeve and inside a sturdy cardboard package.


Here you'll find silly, quirky and colourful characters to cheer up your day or anyone you love, all from the head and hands of illustrator Carolina Buzio.

If you'd like to see the portfolio, check it here: